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Technical Reviews

Scientific feasibility assessment for new projects or start ups 

Innovative technological solutions to the problems we face today must be based on science. Within the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, we offer scientific feasibility assessment of new research projects, product plans or start-up ideas. Our reviews would ultimately indicate how much innovation needs to be done based on publicly available knowledge on the given problem. We would also highlight how much is already known and ready to use. In addition, we would create a list of necessary skills to carry out the proposed project. This is useful to assess the capabilities of the team that would undertake the project. 

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Technical review of existing data analysis results and procedures 

Assessing the quality of data analysis might be a problem for non-expert stakeholders. Even when there is in-house expertise, there could be problems due to inter-departmental politics or in-house experts may not have time to assess the quality of the analysis. Decisions made using inadequate analysis might cost organizations lots of time, resources, and money.


We offer data-analysis review services to assess the quality of the data analysis and suggest improvements, where necessary.  Specifically, we review the methodology in connection with the conclusions provided in the results. We check if the conclusions are adequate or plausible, given the methodology. This review could also include a review of workflows and programming practices used when analyzing the data. This would be helpful to judge the reproducibility and robustness of the analysis workflows used. 

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